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Peer Assistance Program

Mission and Purpose...

Peer Assistance Services Inc (PAS) is dedicated to helping healthcare workers, students, and employers deal with substance abuse and related issues impairing work performance. PAS is committed to providing quality, accessible prevention and employee assistance program (EAP) services in the workplace and the community. Established in 1984, PAS offers services to all healthcare workers in Colorado.

Dentist Peer Assistance Program (DPAP)

The Dentist Peer Assistance Program (DPAP) is a provision of the Dental Practice Act of Colorado, section 12-35-138. DPAP allows the Colorado Board of Dental Examiners (CBDE) to offer an alternative to punitive discipline to a dentist dealing with physical, emotional, psychological, or chemical dependency problems if the dentist can prove to the board that he or she is successfully treating the problem and practicing safely. DPAP includes education, intervention, assessment, treatment planning, treatment monitoring, drug screening, and practice monitoring.

A dentist may enter DPAP voluntarily, or as part of disciplinary action by the dental board.

PAS has been contracted by the dental board to administer DPAP. PAS services of education, assessment, and monitoring are paid by dental license fees, but costs of treatment, therapy, drug screens, and practice monitoring are paid by the individual dentist.

Contact PAS

PAS may be contacted at 303-369-0039 or 1-866-369-0039. Further information is available at

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